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Probubbly’s differentiated neutral soap

The Demodex folliculorum is a mite that feasts on the sebum secreted from the pores causing various skin troubles such as dermatitis, acne and pore enlargement.

The Demodex folliculorum prefers the alkaline environment and can proliferate in the alkaline environment. How do I get rid of the Demodex folliculorum, the main cause of my skin troubles?

Since the Demodex folliculorum is active and proliferates in the alkaline environment, it is recommended to keep pH-neutral for the health of the skin.

Why do I need to use Neutral Soap?

Alkaline soap (Normal soap) PH8~PH10

  • Excellent foaming and cleansing power Effective in dirt removal.
  • Creating the best inhabitation condition for Demodex folliculorum.
  • Causing skin dryness and aging.
  • Causing various skin troubles.
  • Containing various synthetic materials and chemical additives (Synthetic preservatives, synthetic emulsifiers, pigments, artificial fragrances).
  • Containing animal fat and mineral oil (added with synthetic surfactant).

natureal soap (Probubbly) PH7~PH7.9

  • Excellent foaming and cleansing power Made with differentiated technology that keeps the soap from softening.
  • Creating the tough inhabitation condition for Demodex folliculorum.
  • Preventing skin aging.
  • Preventing various skin troubles.
  • Containing natural quality essential oils (free of preser vatives but with fermented herbs and vitamin E).
  • 100% Organic Oil use (Containing natural surfactant)

Mild acidic soap PH4.5~PH6.5

  • Weak forming power
  • Creating the tough inhabitation condition for Demodex folliculorum
  • Skin sebum remained in the skin
  • Getting soft easil

Probubbly’s differentiated neutral soap

  • Long-lasting soap without getting soft

    It can be used 3 - 4 times longer than ordinary soaps by complementing the disadvantages of the conventional natural soap without using any curing agent, thanks to the differentiated technology.

  • Containing more than 20% of natural and fermented ingredients

    All Probubbly's products use more than 20% of natural fermented herbal extracts to maximize the nourishing effect on the skin.

  • Minimized skin irritation Excellent cleansing power

    A neutral soap that minimizes irritation to the skin. Excellent cleansing power leaving no pulling sensation after wash. Feel the difference with continuous use.

  • Technology

    The neutral soap made with fermented natural vegetable by Probubbly’s patented technology! The technology that puts the skin first!



Gives Excellent Nutrition

Noni contains a lot of xeronine, an alkaloidal ingredient, which helps you with regeneration of elastic cells.


Removing waste from the skin!

Green tea is rich in vitamins A and B2 to soothe the skin, and vitamin C and tocopherol reduce spots and freckles. Pomegranate extract containing natural estrogen hormone and blueberry Soap that keeps skin elasticity, whitening, and shiny skin.

Lavender SOAP

Intensive Care of Skin Problem

Lavender helps you with pore contraction and elastic skin care, and helps you with improvement of oily or troubled skin. Full of Nature Origin Plant Component Hypoallergenic Deep Cleansing for Every Inch of your Skin!

cactus SOAP

Protect your scalp! Sterilization effect!

It is strong enough to be called natural stellate and prevents detoxification and skin troubles. It has efficacy in prevention. Add antioxidant antibacterial action, silver mushroom, lupine extract and natural herb that are excellent for skin moisturizing and whitening A multi-body cleanser that is excellent in strengthening the skin surface!

Neutral Handmade Soap

Exceptional effect on skin vitality and wrinkle prevention!

The saponin ingredient in red ginseng revitalizes the skin, has excellent effect in preventing wrinkles and blemishes, and gives excellent whitening effect.

Neutral Handmade Soap

Exceptional effect on skin vitality and wrinkle prevention!

The saponin ingredient in red ginseng revitalizes the skin, has excellent effect in preventing wrinkles and blemishes, and gives excellent whitening effect.


Skin elasticity! Whitening effect!

Nonghyup Red Ginseng 6-year-old ginseng Extracts are carefully selected from main ingredients and natural materials and are close to skin pH (4.5 ~ 5.5). By adding natural ingredients (honey, yucca extract, etc.) and herbs while minimizing skin irritation, it helps skin moisturizing, which can improve itching, psoriasis, atopy and acne improvement.

Snow Flower soap

Moist skin maintenance effect! Whitening effect!

This collagen-rich, natural gift is a mushroom, a whitish mushroom, rich in collagen and vitamin D, which helps skin whitening and elasticity. It protects moisture and resolves the dangers of dust Natural handmade cleanser

Scalp care soap

Hair loss prevention! The living head of the middle-aged!

It is fermented by raw materials of natural materials (such as hansukscho, hanbag, horsetail), and there is no toxicity. Phytoncide and herb materials quickly. Absorbs and removes waste matter and harmful substances in the scalp to slow down hair loss and help hair to prevent hair from breaking after dyeing give.

Golden Phellinus Linteus Soap

100% patented natural handmade soap made from natural ingredients!

It has the effect of inhibiting the formation of melanin pigments, effective for eliminating melasma, freckles, and blemish, helping you with your beauty management. It is a functional beauty soap that helps prevent wrinkles and maintain skin elasticity because it helps collagen activation.


Question & Answer

Why do I need to use Probubbly Neutral Soap?

Neutral Soap is made with more than 20% of natural herbal extract in liquid form which makes up unique features of each soap type generating a protection film on the skin to moisturize and soften. It has excellent cleansing and moisturizing effects that last even after washing.

Because Probubbly is neutral soap, it has outstanding effects of antibacterial and sterilization, suppresses the growth of Demodex folliculorum, and improves problematic skin.

Each type of soap comes in different colors, not because of artificial colors but depending on the natural additives. Without using any chemical curing agent, it does not soften on the bathtub even without a soap tray thanks to the Company's patented technology.

It does not contain any chemical additive, so there is no side effect on the allergic or sensitive skin.

Can I use it on my body as well as on my face?

Probubbly Natural Soap can be used on the entire body from head to toe. Especially when used in a shower, it can keep the skin smooth and healthy with rich foam instead of using body wash products containing chemical ingredients.

Is it true that natural soaps get soft easily?

Probubbly Natural Soap does not get soft like other natural soaps as it was developed through research and development for a long time.

Is it useful for allergic or dry skin?

Human skin is commonly acidic with a pH range of 4.5 - 6.5, and it prefers neutral soap at a concentration most suitable for the skin. Probubbly Natural Soap prevents significantly improves the allergic or dry skin of the elderly as it moisturizes the skin and prevents skin troubles.

What exactly are the benefits of a neutral soap?

Natural neutral soap is the most suitable soap for the skin. It is a beauty soap that helps to whiten, improves hair condition, atopic and acne skin. It also suppresses itching and the growth of Demodex folliculorum. You can feel the effectiveness and the skin improvement with a continuous use.

Is there something that I need to know about natural soap?

As the Product contains more than 20% of natural ingredients that are aged and fermented, you may find the soap surface whitened. It is not an alteration but a phenomenon that can occur due to the nature of natural ingredients. It is safe to use as there is no problem with quality or stability.

The color and fragrance of the soap are different from the one I bought before.

Probubbly Neutral Soap is handmade. The shape, color, and fragrance of the same soap may be slightly different depending on the time of production. (For example, there may be differences in color and aroma of the soap because the color and aroma of winter Eoseongcho and summer Eoseongcho used for the soap are different.)

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The only patented neutral soap that keeps pH 7.0 - 7.9 in Korea Probubbly is a company that manufactures soaps at its factory,
which are differentiated from ordinary soap products that anyone can make, through its research and development capability.

  • Neutral soap patent application
  • patent application for nanofiltration manufacturing
  • Sulfur patent application
  • Corporate Affiliate Research Institute
  • Factory registration certificate
  • FDA (Component Analysis Table)
  • FTA (Certificate of product)
  • Sample Test Report